I’d love to be a musician who can sing at the top of my lungs or from the depth of my soul with such beauty and abandon that the audience responds with jaleos, hallelujahs or untamable cheers. Who wouldn’t want to be a songwriter capable of crafting lyrics and notes so compelling that, upon hearing them played, everyone in the room simultaneously finds themselves bursting at the seams?

…and then they all go buy guitars and form bands, join the choir or pick up a notebooks and pens and give it a go.

The Writing Season is my way of joining the band.

There are quite a few creative, talented and inspiring people in my life.  People who can take a photo that could evoke a novel, paint a picture that charms my soul, craft a lyric that brings me to tears.  People who can combine the perfect blend of spices (without a recipe) for a meal that leaves my taste buds satisfied and rested.

You know who you are.

You are the ones who turn pieces of paper into money-making deals, spin records to make sounds that keep me on the dance floor all night long.  You pour your soul into your guitar and tell your story through a combination of golpe-tacons on top of MDF board.

Let’s expand.

When I look around, I see people who don’t necessarily have a painting to sell or a guitar to play, but I’m inspired by them just the same.

You know, the ones who wear braids in their hair (even though they are a middle-aged white boy).  They wear pink streaks in their hair, even though they qualify for the senior discount at Ross.    They’ve just found the bliss of being in love or are learning that’s it’s okay to say, “No.”  People who have recovered from sexual abuse, have lost love….are saving lives in the ER, are listening to people’s trauma and helping them transform their pain into healing. You’ve given your life over to helping the poor, you are in the throes of cancer. You are an amazing momma.  You are the devoted daddy.  I can’t think of anyone I know who doesn’t inspire me in some way.

YOU INSPIRE ME because you are YOU!
Yes, this is a love fest.

Like I said, The Writing Season is my band, or maybe just a holler back at you…or the part of my story where I stop hiding behind the curtains, overcome fears and finally get up on stage to do my thing. Please feel free to respond with cheers, hallelujahs or jaleos…or be inspired to create your own band, use writing in your own life, or simply connect with me. Just don’t throw tomatoes yet.  It might make me cry. 


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