There’s a fertile garden
Dig In
There’s no restarting
Dig In
You’ve got dust on your feet
And scars on your hands
But you’ll be the first to understand me
When I say,
“Dig In.”

There’s a song in your pen
Dig in
History came and it went
Dig in
You’ve got wounded knees and blood stained eyes
But you know there’s no good reason to run and hide
So, Dig in

I know you’ll move mountains when you’re ready
I know your clenched fists are feeling heavy
I know love won’t let you go if you let it.
I know fear can’t chain your soul forever
So, Dig in

There is permission
Dig in
It’s your decision
Dig in
You’ve got roots in your veins
And nothing to trade
You know the moment brightens
And then fades away
So, Dig in




Copyright, 2013, Erin Dworak, The Writing Season